Sacred text’s online?

Feeling curious about  G-O-D?.

We’ve encountered this awesome source of text;s.

The largest freely available archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet. The site is dedicated to religious tolerance and scholarship, and has the largest readership of any similar site on the web.


Wikipedia more like no-pedia!?

How much of the information on wikipedia can you actually trust?.

The answer is… None.

As Wikipedia has become more and more popular with students, some professors have become increasingly concerned about the online, reader-produced encyclopedia.

While plenty of professors have complained about the lack of accuracy or completeness of entries, and some have discouraged or tried to bar students from using it, the history department at Middlebury College is trying to take a stronger, collective stand. It voted this month to bar students from citing the Web site as a source in papers or other academic work. All faculty members will be telling students about the policy and explaining why material on Wikipedia — while convenient — may not be trustworthy.


You could do your research in other online encyclopedia’s.

The Yahoo company has one.

And Msn encarta.

Yet the question remain’s who will really have the accurate information.

You would have to judge that for yourself.

In the meantime. Double checking is always a good option when searching for information.

Sensitive goverment information available?


Wikileaks is a website that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of sensitive governmental, corporate, organizational or religious documents, while attempting to preserve the anonymity and untraceability of its contributors. Within one year of its December 2006 launch, its database had grown to more than 1.2 million documents,[1] leading to many front-page newspaper articles and political reforms.

Is called Wikileaks!

And is now another tool for the exchange of news and paperwork of worldwide gov’s.

Cons: It could be a total setup of the own US gov.

How many social networks?

Ok you may have a Facebook, aim, myspace,hi5 and probably one Christian Network add.

You might find yourself spending lots of time in these websites!. 

But here’s is the official list of all the places you can get yourself new friends! This list is brought by

Facebook addiction in Girls.

Girls seem to be “permanently connected” to sites like Facebook and Bebo, president of the Girls’ Schools Association Jill Berry said.

This issue now tops the list of parents’ worries by some way, she told the association’s annual conference.

Mrs Berry also argued that girls’ interest in fashion should not be mistaken for being “shallow”.

The leader of the girls’ private school association said there was no contradiction in girls being interested in fashion and wanting to be seen as intelligent feminists.

“Girls can be highly intelligent and interested in being seen to be attractive – the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

“Caring about physical appearance and fashion and wanting to look good doesn’t have to be a betrayal of some feminist ideal. I love shoes but it doesn’t make me shallow. Girls can have fun and also be taken seriously.”

“Yet there’s academic research that touts the benefits of these activities and services like Facebook. Regardless, it’s in the hands of users, to define priorities and decide how to spend their time.”

She added that Facebook had a range of safety tips to ensure users remained safe online.

These include, users being careful to only accept friend requests from people they know and to report any messages or profiles that look suspicious.

                                                                                                               Source/The bbc news

Satan in facebook?

It looks like Satanism has its way of getting to people. And now you can find it in  facebook. The site currently has over a thousand friends  and actually you can visit The Official Church of Satan. There is no age restriction to be a friend of the Dark Lord by the way.

In other interesting facts. Craigslist ads asking for satanic sex partners are banned.

Without internet In your life?

What would you do without internet?

Antisocial and Internet Use?

The technology that has allowed people to keep in closer touch with distant family members and friends, to find information quickly and to develop friendships with people from around the world, is also replacing vital day-to-day human interactions. A computer monitor can?t give you a hug or laugh at your jokes. And some psychologists worry that the Internet?s widening popularity will lead to further isolation among a population that, although gravitating toward virtual communities in cyber-space, seems to have lost a genuine sense of belonging and connection.

A report that greater use of the Internet leads to shrinking social support and happiness, and increases in depression and loneliness. The study is the first to look specifically at the impact that Internet use has on general emotional well-being.

And the findings were unexpected, Kraut says, given that most people use the Internet for chat lines and e-mail, not just to isolate themselves in mounds of electronic information.

‘We were surprised to find that what is a social technology, unlike the television, has kind of antisocial consequences,’ Kraut says.