Online addiction vs Real World

Do you spend a bit too much plugged than actually living in real life???

It’s no secret: Many people use the computer to satisfy, stir up excitement, release tension, or provide relief — whether it involves sex or not, he writes. Surfing, chatting, playing interactive games — that’s where those long hours go.


Make no mistake: Surfing has its upside, much like exercise or meditation, Shapira writes. “It’s just that when Internet use becomes excessive, it can — like other impulse disorders — be distressing and disabling,” he tells WebMD.


There likely is a psychological dependence — as happens with TV, exercise, sex, or gambling — rather than a physiological dependence as with smoking and alcohol abuse, Shapira writes.


In fact, Internet abuse often dovetails with another psychiatric problem. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder — the same ones who compulsively gamble or shop — may find the Internet an outlet, he adds. Depression seems to lead others to overuse, creating a viscous cycle fed by isolation.


The problem is not likely to ebb, not any time soon, he says. “People get a rush from being on three computers at once, keeping different things going on each one. And as speed gets better, the problem will likely get worse. Speed is part of the enticement.”


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