Satan in facebook?

It looks like Satanism has its way of getting to people. And now you can find it in  facebook. The site currently has over a thousand friends  and actually you can visit The Official Church of Satan. There is no age restriction to be a friend of the Dark Lord by the way.

In other interesting facts. Craigslist ads asking for satanic sex partners are banned.


Without internet In your life?

What would you do without internet?

Antisocial and Internet Use?

The technology that has allowed people to keep in closer touch with distant family members and friends, to find information quickly and to develop friendships with people from around the world, is also replacing vital day-to-day human interactions. A computer monitor can?t give you a hug or laugh at your jokes. And some psychologists worry that the Internet?s widening popularity will lead to further isolation among a population that, although gravitating toward virtual communities in cyber-space, seems to have lost a genuine sense of belonging and connection.

A report that greater use of the Internet leads to shrinking social support and happiness, and increases in depression and loneliness. The study is the first to look specifically at the impact that Internet use has on general emotional well-being.

And the findings were unexpected, Kraut says, given that most people use the Internet for chat lines and e-mail, not just to isolate themselves in mounds of electronic information.

‘We were surprised to find that what is a social technology, unlike the television, has kind of antisocial consequences,’ Kraut says.

Cancer and Soda’s?

Have you ever drink coca cola?.
I guess you have if you were born between 1920 and 2001.

Benzene — in soda? It’s true: many bottled soft drinks and related beverages contain benzene, a well-known carcinogen. Benzene is a major industrial contaminant: a powerful solvent sometimes used in the manufacture of plastics. You take in a fair amount every day through air pollution and in drinking water.

Coca-Cola and other bottlers aren’t putting it there on purpose, of course. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has known for almost fifteen years that potassium benzoate and sodium benzoate — commonly used as preservatives in soda drinks — can react with the ascorbic acid, which is also added to ensure product freshness. The result is benzene.

How much benzene? More than is safe or necessary. The EPA defines a safe level of benzene as zero. In tap water, levels should not exceed 5 parts per billion

Spending much time online?

Are you hooked on your Online habit??

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Online addiction vs Real World

Do you spend a bit too much plugged than actually living in real life???

It’s no secret: Many people use the computer to satisfy, stir up excitement, release tension, or provide relief — whether it involves sex or not, he writes. Surfing, chatting, playing interactive games — that’s where those long hours go.


Make no mistake: Surfing has its upside, much like exercise or meditation, Shapira writes. “It’s just that when Internet use becomes excessive, it can — like other impulse disorders — be distressing and disabling,” he tells WebMD.


There likely is a psychological dependence — as happens with TV, exercise, sex, or gambling — rather than a physiological dependence as with smoking and alcohol abuse, Shapira writes.


In fact, Internet abuse often dovetails with another psychiatric problem. People with obsessive-compulsive disorder — the same ones who compulsively gamble or shop — may find the Internet an outlet, he adds. Depression seems to lead others to overuse, creating a viscous cycle fed by isolation.


The problem is not likely to ebb, not any time soon, he says. “People get a rush from being on three computers at once, keeping different things going on each one. And as speed gets better, the problem will likely get worse. Speed is part of the enticement.”