Dealing with needy people.

What characterizes a needy person though? Is it a craving for attention? For something they don’t have? Do needy people act this way solely because they can get away with it or because they feel they require this attention? Needy people are all of these things and more, many more. The tricky thing about dealing with a needy person is that they come in so many different shapes and sizes that it’s difficult to determine why exactly they’re acting so needy, and why these needy people continue this behavior long after these needs have been met.

They lie. They will lie about anything, to anyone. It’s their way of getting attention. It could be that they want to come across as more important and/or successful than they actually are, or to garner sympathy, or to create a bond. It really doesn’t matter. They will lie about all
things, big and small. It gets to a point where the listener is loathe to believe anything that comes out of their mouths

They always to churn up some drama. That’s their way of saying, “Look at me!”, because, of course, that’s how they become the center of attention

They continually bring up “trauma” from the past. It could be the normal growing up stuff that we all went through, or a difficult divorce last decade, but they have the need to tell you how troubled they are by it. They will re-play and re-tell the same story for years without ever making any effort to resolve their feelings toward the situation..

Needy people needs understanding because they are like children. They are only looking for understanding and happiness in their own matter’s and way’s.