Wikipedia more like no-pedia!?

How much of the information on wikipedia can you actually trust?.

The answer is… None.

As Wikipedia has become more and more popular with students, some professors have become increasingly concerned about the online, reader-produced encyclopedia.

While plenty of professors have complained about the lack of accuracy or completeness of entries, and some have discouraged or tried to bar students from using it, the history department at Middlebury College is trying to take a stronger, collective stand. It voted this month to bar students from citing the Web site as a source in papers or other academic work. All faculty members will be telling students about the policy and explaining why material on Wikipedia — while convenient — may not be trustworthy.


You could do your research in other online encyclopedia’s.

The Yahoo company has one.

And Msn encarta.

Yet the question remain’s who will really have the accurate information.

You would have to judge that for yourself.

In the meantime. Double checking is always a good option when searching for information.